HAPPY 2017

After a couple of well-deserved weeks off, we are back! We've lazed around, we've eaten too much and now we're ready to jump (or roll) back in and get back to our usual routines. On returning yesterday, everybody was delighted to find that the office simply wouldn't heat up after our time away. Fingers were [...]

Mango Pup Delivery Service

Today we tried something a little different. In the spirit of Christmas we sent Ziggy, our office dog out to deliver cards and presents to all of our friends on Hoults Yard. Obviously we didn't send her out by herself, and I was the one to go with her. Honestly? I don't know who needs [...]

A Winter’s Tail

There's no denying that the winter has, unfortunately, finally arrived. We've been fortunate enough, however, that the weather has been relatively mild up until recently, but lo, the bitter-cold months have begun. Outside, our breath is now visible, the roads are now icy and our fingers are going numb. It's harder to drag ourselves out of bed and [...]

How Can We Help?

According to Forrester Research, the value of one-minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Whether you are a big corporate company or a small and newly built business you will not have the time to write 1.8 million words however a film production like Mango will do all the work for you and your [...]


In the Video Production/Film Production Industry, contacts are important. Now, I'm not speaking about the general stereotype of you have to know somebody in the industry to get a job in the industry. For making corporate films, it means you must get in contact with a lot of companies who will require your services. If [...]

Clearspace Buildings

Our Video that we produced for the Clearspace Buildings company is now up and streaming on their website. Travelling down to Southampton was quite a task but with the company and hospitality we were treated with when we arrived made it all the better and more enjoyable (especially for my first shoot) Clearspace Buildings - [...]

Editing and Post Production

When you see a video, many people only think about the way it was filmed, who was involved in the filming and the scale of the production. What many people dismiss is the important of the post production process on any video that they watch. Take for example Music Videos, the Music video post production [...]

Importance of Social Media in Creative Media

Everyday in the news, there are always companies in the limelight with their management disputes or production faults (similar to Microsoft and Rockstar). But there are many different production companies out there making a lot of different products for people that arn't kept in the limelight (globally or locally). Sometimes working in the film and [...]

Upgrade and Updates

When Apple released it's new system update (iOS 7), iPhone/iPad users went bezerk. But 1 week away from the Update, we see issues of people feeling disorientated by the new design and missing the old design and style that iOS 6 offered them. These issues a large part of the Video Production Industry. Every member [...]