Today we tried something a little different.

In the spirit of Christmas we sent Ziggy, our office dog out to deliver cards and presents to all of our friends on Hoults Yard.

Obviously we didn’t send her out by herself, and I was the one to go with her. Honestly? I don’t know who needs a sleep more right now!

Armed with a handful of seasonal cards and Cadbury’s selection boxes we hit the road. We headed outside on to our first stop.

In just that short walk to our neighbours’ we were stopped by three cooing women dressed in Santa dresses all desperate for a cuddle with our Zig.

Being beautiful must be a chore though, as she got bored quickly and started to pull to the next destination. I was then dragged up the stairs and into the first office.

Everybody there was delighted to meet Ziggy and they were all desperate for hugs. She relished in it for a small while, but again, she soon got tired and decided to march back out of the office in a mission to find our next destination! Shouting goodbye, I had no choice but to follow her lead.

But oh no! Out in the hallway were two men on their lunch break…

The smell of chilli was strong and Ziggy soon caught a waft of it. Next thing I knew we were standing side-by-side (or in Ziggy’s case on the lap of) the poor man eating his dinner. Thankfully, and I believe only because Ziggy’s so adorable, he laughed and went on to greet her just as enthusiastically as she had greeted him.

Next we headed downstairs, where our other neighbours were in the midst of a Christmas party and were looking a little red faced and jolly. The team members nearest to us were all large males and immediately softened at the sight of our strawberry-blonde delivery girl.

We then headed to the main reception on Hoults Yard, to say hello and Merry Christmas to our friends down there.

Ziggy, overcome with excitement, mad me run most of the journey. As soon as the girls saw Ziggy it was cuddles and fuss all round.

A pattern began to emerge as we continued to do our rounds. We’d be stopped by everyone we came to and they all commented on how gorgeous she was, she’d then pull me away and I imagine we looked like something from a comedy sketch or cartoon…

We’d then go to each office and conduct our delivery duties. Everybody would ask whether they could keep Ziggy for Christmas (of course I said no, I have a job to hold on to after all…) And then after a few strokes and a nosey investigation around each individual office we’d run on to the next.

Of course, in her excitement Ziggy didn’t care if she dragged me through murky deep puddles, or that I was wearing white trainers. She didn’t even mind that she splattered mud up my legs. She even kindly left a small reminder (a trail of wet paw prints) that she’d visited in every office that we went into following ‘puddle-gate’.








Nope, she didn’t mind one bit.

And now, back in the warm (dry) comfort of the office, the Christmas excitement was just a little too much for our tired little pooch.

So for now, maybe Mango Pup Delivery as a business idea should be put to one side. Maybe we’ll try again next year.