Here at Mango we are continually aware of our day-to-day actions and how they can affect our planet. That is why we are proud to provide video production for our new client Peerledger, who has developed a new block chain platform for responsible sourcing of food or precious minerals, whose aim is also to [...]

Newcastle University – Baggers Originals

We are proud to provide video production for Newcastle University’s Business School (NUBS), for the purpose of positioning the Newcastle-based business – Baggers Original – as a case study to help illuminate its success and to assist in the development and education of NUBS students. Our film production focuses on capturing the start-up story [...]

Skills For People

Mindfulness, the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something, is a term which has come to the forefront of western psychology in recent years, as mental health has become a prominent topic of conversation. We are thrilled to receive a commission by Skill For People ( SFP)  and the NHS to [...]

An Insight Into Time Lapse Photography

There is no better way than to show elements of progression through time-lapse photography. This is because developments that would usually seem subtle and slow to the human eye such as the sun setting or a plant blossoming are instead sped up in real time, showing the progression of both time and space. In [...]

The Future | A Little About Myself

I’ve recently started a yearlong internship at Mango Studio Production, where I have begun to learn first-hand about production from conception to completion. I have been running the companies social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, regularly updating them with new content to build a greater online presence and demonstrate the kind of [...]

Revolutionary 360 Panoramic Filming | A Virtual Reality

You’ve probably heard of 360-degree video…a virtual reality created through innovative filming techniques that allow the viewer to become immersed in a new landscape. This high resolution and seamless panoramic video gives the audience the opportunity to explore a video and choose where they want to look, purely by using the mouse on their [...]

Video Production: Nixon Hire’s Autosmart H2O Solar Pod

Here at Mango we are increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and the ways in which our everyday actions affect the climate. For our latest video in our series with Nixon Hire, we are proud to promote the Autosmart H20 Solar Pod– Nixon Hire’s answer to mitigating environmental pollution. Through the use of hybrid solar technology, and a super silent automatic back [...]

Video Production : 2018 Annual Conference of the British Sociological Association (BSA)

We were proud to provide film production for the 2018 Annual Conference of the British Sociological Association (BSA), hosted by Northumbria University. The theme of this year’s conference was “Identity, Community and Social Solidarity,” and keynote speakers Kimberlé Crenshaw, Omar Khan and Gregor McLennan brought their expertise to explore these topics. You can see [...]