High Speed Cameras

The creation of High Speed Cameras have introduction a generation of new footage to be created and exhibited. I, myself find great enjoyment in watching slow motion footage and time lapses footage. Time lapse footage is created with a High Speed camera shooting a single shot or a slow tracking shot. This creates the illusion [...]

Concept and Pre-Production

This week there has been a lot of development of future ideas. This is a key part of the production cycle as you can't really have a production if you don't have an idea to develop on. You can develop these ideas through story boarding, concept art designing and brain storming. Before the new Macbook [...]

Be Eye-Catching

Working the Video Production industry you realize that most things are based on the appearance and appeal to the eye, which matches that of the general market in this modern day and age of technology.   This can be found present in the new iPhone 5 series. As well as releasing the new iPhone 5S, [...]

Speed of Technology

We're living in an age where you have Robots like "Atlas" who can walk on rough terrain and remain standing on one foot when his with a 20kg weight and "WildCat" a robot that can mimic the movement over different animals. With this speed up of technological advancement we're also in the generation of 48 [...]

Corporate Video Technology

You can probably imagine the corporate video world has had two major developments in recent years, the wider range and versatility of camera  and the increasing speed and capability of the web. Being fans of the SLR cameras, we have started to use the 5D mark iii, hybrid of the mark ii and the earlier [...]