Everyday in the news, there are always companies in the limelight with their management disputes or production faults (similar to Microsoft and Rockstar). But there are many different production companies out there making a lot of different products for people that arn’t kept in the limelight (globally or locally).

Sometimes working in the film and video production industry has large gaps where you are not working. This gives you a lot of time to network and communicate with current or potential clients. And this is where social media becomes an importance.

Social Media is just about getting our message across to an audience who choose to listen to us. It’s a chance for clients and companies to communicate on a basis. Whether this would be making blogs and having comments on them, sending emails out and just general phone calls to clients.
This may be seen as a nuisance and a selling point, but it’s good to create good relationships even if you don’t want our products, we’re always here if you need us.
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