When Apple released it’s new system update (iOS 7), iPhone/iPad users went bezerk. But 1 week away from the Update, we see issues of people feeling disorientated by the new design and missing the old design and style that iOS 6 offered them.
These issues a large part of the Video Production Industry. Every member of staff has a unique touch for everything that they do. Like, when making corporate films, there are many parts of a film that viewers take for granted such as voice over work, camera work and sound design/engineering. These can all change how the film feels and how it is understood.

But staff are not permanent in the creative media industry . Many employees are Freelance workers so they are only connected with the production company for a single job, and if they are liked then they will be asked back to do any other jobs for them. Even if it’s not on the production side of the  company then it can also affect the company. For example the social media community manager can change the interaction between the company and any clients. And that is the case at the moment, Mango Studios has a new Community Manager so there will be a new format and a new way the social media of Mango Studio will be presented to you, there may be some bugs and patches needed to get kickstarted but as I’m sure iOS 7 will be, everything will become more polished as time goes on and everyone won’t be missing the old system.
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