Short & long term time lapse

There is no better way to show the process of construction than through time lapse photography, whether that is over the course of 3 days or 3 years. We use our specially designed system to take a series of images at specified intervals to document the whole process. With our system we can remotely log in to check on the progress and control the camera from our Newcastle office limiting site visits needed.

Creative & motion control time lapse

We offer creative & motion control time lapse photography for use within one of our films or as a standalone sequence for you to use elsewhere. All of our time lapse photography is shot at 5k resolution so is suitable for all formats from full HD to the requirements for digital cinema and 35mm projection. For motion control we have a 3 axis motorised system that can be automatically controlled to provide very precise movements creating very powerful images.

We offer a full range of post production services. We also have a team of highly creative editors who can deliver time lapse films to a whole range of specialised requirements. For a quotation or more information call James Baxter on 0191 406 6245 or email

”Having never been involved in creating a marketing video previously and also told by other film companies creating a video for a 3 month construction project on such a long narrow site would be difficult I was pleased to have contacted Mango Studios. They understood and interpreted the brief really quickly, solving initial difficulties and came up with some great ideas combining both fixed time lapse camera and real time filming. The final edit was painless and the end product fantastic”

Elliott Haywood | Technologies Manager , Sirius