LD Nursing

Mango Studio is currently working with the NHS and North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network to encourage the transformation of the care available to those living with learning disabilities. Our next collaborative film production project aims to educate the potential students of Northumbria University, about the valuable effect that training to be a Learning [...]

Transforming Care

Our Newcastle film production studio, has again joined with the NHS to create an informative video about the new North East and Cumbria Transformation Programme. With a number of contracts already with the NHS, we are pleased to showcase our latest collaboration. Commissioned by North of England Commissioning Support (NECS), the video will be distributed [...]

Mindfulness Documentary

In 2013, our Newcastle film studio worked with the NHS and Skills for People to create a corporate video which would show off their new programme, known as ‘Mindfulness’. The programme is delivered in group sessions, and aims to assist those with learning difficulties. Mango attended a typical session at the Skills for People centre [...]

Bold New Worlds!

So, a video was made today about the surface of a Mars that has been photographed and orbited for at least 8 years by the Mars Express Spacecraft. Now I was not sure if this video was fake/Computer Generated or if it was real footage but it made me think of the wonders of the [...]

Clearspace Buildings

Our Video that we produced for the Clearspace Buildings company is now up and streaming on their website. Travelling down to Southampton was quite a task but with the company and hospitality we were treated with when we arrived made it all the better and more enjoyable (especially for my first shoot) Clearspace Buildings - [...]

Getting Ready!

Exciting news for myself and probably mediocre news for anyone reading, but, on Monday (14th October) some crew from Mango Studios will be travelling down to Southampton to shoot a promotional video for the opening of the Chamerlayne Academy Acorn Centre. This is my first personal shoot with Mango Studios since I began my placement [...]

The Ship Delivery

Our film production crew had an interesting week filming a new corporate video for one of our existing clients. They wanted us to capture the arrival of a 300 tonnes machine by ship all the way from Japan. Filming on a boat was another great experience for our video production team from Newcastle. We can [...]