After a couple of well-deserved weeks off, we are back!

We’ve lazed around, we’ve eaten too much and now we’re ready to jump (or roll) back in and get back to our usual routines.

On returning yesterday, everybody was delighted to find that the office simply wouldn’t heat up after our time away. Fingers were icy and unable to type, breath could be seen as conversation was made and no matter how high the heater was turned up it would not. get. warm.

So despite the weather seeming to be too good to be true over Christmas, we wouldn’t advise digging out your Spring clothes just yet. We’re pretty positive that we’ve still got a couple of cold months ahead of us.

As 2017 goes on, we are hoping to own it and will be kicking the year off with the first of our 2017 video production collaborations with Newcastle University.

We’re looking forward to the surprises and challenges 2017 has in store for us and eagerly await the end of the year, so that we can again look back and reflect on all that we’ve accomplished and learned over the months that follow.