So, a video was made today about the surface of a Mars that has been photographed and orbited for at least 8 years by the Mars Express Spacecraft.

Now I was not sure if this video was fake/Computer Generated or if it was real footage but it made me think of the wonders of the camera that the Spacecraft used. Working in Video Production makes me realise the hard work and sheer power that would be required to make this video if it was real.

Time lapse photography may be the way that they created this video. Which would require a camera with a large battery life to cover the surfaces that were covered in the video. For those not in the know, Time Lapse photography is when a camera takes photos on a regular basis at a specific time to create the illusion of movement. Now this would be very awkward for the Spacecraft. They may have chosen this option to have high quality images of the surface with the sway of a video camera that could happen.

But they could have paid out a lot of money for a high quality video camera along the lines of a Phantom that can shoot up to 1 million frames per second (yes! 1 million….technology is crazy).

I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation to how they captured the images and maybe I missed a bit in the article i read about it as to how they actually did do it, but I enjoy the speculation and was set in awe at the sheer power that a lense has of showing worlds we may never see.

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