Our Newcastle film production studio, has again joined with the NHS to create an informative video about the new North East and Cumbria Transformation Programme.

With a number of contracts already with the NHS, we are pleased to showcase our latest collaboration.

Commissioned by North of England Commissioning Support (NECS), the video will be distributed by the film’s interviewer, Suzie, in hospitals and care homes across the North East and Cumbria.

The Transformation Programme began following the realisation that those currently living in a hospital environment could, with the correct support, be living a better quality of life at home and within the community.

The video aims to educate families, health care professionals and those with learning disabilities or autism about understanding their rights. These rights being their entitlement to live their lives like anyone else; in high quality housing, with good health, education and employment opportunities.

Please also check out the Documentary we made on mindfulness. (See link below)

The documentary followed an 12 week Mindfulness course assisting those who have special needs, with the aim of the video production being to demonstrate just how useful this programme is to those involved and how helpful it could be in the future to potential participants.