To wrap up 2017, we’re happy to continue working to provide video production for the NHS around Newcastle. In our next film, we’re taking a look at ‘challenging behaviours’ – what they are, why they happen, and how they’re treated.

Speaking with Alison Branch, she explains in our video that this challenging behaviour – which can involve shouting, screaming, and violence to themselves and others – is often misunderstood at places like GP’s, so those affected by it aren’t always able to find the help they need.

Challenging behaviour isn’t just a sign of a learning disability, however: most people will display some of these behaviours at some point in their life, and similarly those with relevant learning disabilities won’t always display any of these behaviours. Because of this, we hear that many affected are dismissed by general practitioners lacking experience in the field. This means that those trying to deal with the behaviour – whether a family member, carer, or someone with a learning disability – can often struggle to find the right help for them.

As our film explores, there is a variety of healthier treatment options for those struggling with challenging behaviour. Treatment for the issue can sometimes be short-term and not address the root of the issue, however Alison explains that when the right care is given, the behaviour can often be resolved. This involves meeting with PBS – positive behaviour specialists – and working to address the cause for challenging behaviour.

When we were filming the video, we were determined to display the area in as much detail as possible – this meant including talks with GPs, behaviour specialists, and various healthcare professionals. We feel that using so many knowledgeable individuals in our video production has helped to create a film that is insightful and – hopefully – helpful to anybody who may be looking for help in dealing with challenging behaviours.

We’re continuing to work on the video at the moment, but we’re looking forward to putting the video out for you all to watch soon! In the meantime, have you checked out our videos on leadership and carer courses for those affected by learning disabilities in Newcastle and beyond?