This week we’re happy to continue working with the NHS to showcase the work they’re doing in Newcastle and beyond.

In our last blog post, we looked at the leadership courses being put on for those with learning disabilities in the North-East. Speaking with Judith Thompson, the learning disability network manager for our area, we learned more about what the course was trying to achieve. Combined with footage we’d filmed at the event, the introduction helped to explain what the project had to offer the region – encouraging and training a wide variety of people to step up and become leaders in our own community.

In our next video – ‘Sharing the Knowledge’ – we took a look at a course that helps carers and family members of those with learning disabilities, by providing helpful information on topics such as care and budgeting.

We spoke to Jillian Allan, who as well as working at Skills for People, is a mother of two children with autism. Being so deeply involved in both sides of the project, she was an excellent spokesperson for explaining what it was offering many people. Stressing the variety of information available, Jillian talked about how the course could help with things like utilizing the budget given to many who are in a position of care.

As a video production company, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to offer our services to a cause that’s helping people here in our home city of Newcastle. Learning about how the course has changed and improved lives has been a joy to capture on film, and we hope that by watching our videos you’ll be able to see how important it is to many people.

We have a series of videos planned on the subject, and if you’ve enjoyed these two, we hope you’ll stick around for the final film!