November is shaping up to be an interesting month, as we’ve been working closely with the NHS and Inclusion North to film a documentary on their leadership program in the North-East. We were brought in to provide video production for a leadership training course to those in the area with learning disabilities, and after attending we were resolved to capture as much of the the determination and ambition we saw at the event on film.

With the amount of potential at the course, we knew just one video wouldn’t be enough. We created the first video to explain what the event was offering to those there, and to show the purpose – which was to train those with learning disabilities in taking up leadership positions within the community and beyond.

Rather than spend too much time explaining what the course was trying to achieve, we’d much rather show the viewer. Over the next nine months we’ll be revisiting those who attended the course to see what they’ve been achieving since. This week we’ll be seeing Stuart, who wants to help others who may be in the position he found himself in.  He aims to do this through presentations that will walk through his time since leaving hospital, as well as advice relating to how he improved his lifestyle afterwards.

If you’re as interested as we are in seeing how much the leadership courses can offer to those as ambitious as Stuart, we hope you’ll join us over the next nine months as our documentary showcases the huge amount of talent that can be found in the North-East.