MBA Programme Video

Our latest video forms part of a series of new brand films for the Newcastle Business School. Its purpose is to position their MBA programme as the school's flagship programme. It captures the essence of the course and promotes its key features, selling points, and credentials. We used a range of filming techniques including [...]

Video Production: ‘Sharing the Knowledge’ continues

This week we're happy to continue working with the NHS to showcase the work they're doing in Newcastle and beyond. In our last blog post, we looked at the leadership courses being put on for those with learning disabilities in the North-East. Speaking with Judith Thompson, the learning disability network manager for our area, we learned more about [...]

Filming ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’ with the NHS

November is shaping up to be an interesting month, as we've been working closely with the NHS and Inclusion North to film a documentary on their leadership program in the North-East. We were brought in to provide video production for a leadership training course to those in the area with learning disabilities, and after attending [...]