My time here at Mango is, unfortunately, coming to an end. During my placement I have been required to undertake numerous tasks such as; writing weekly blogs, sending out monthly newsletters, and managing the various social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I’ve loved working at Mango, having the freedom and autonomy to create new content to build a greater online presence and showcase the kind of work we do!

At the beginning of my placement, I prepared a presentation to suggest how I would use social media to achieve the company’s development goals. Using my own innovative ideas, I’ve developed a viable social media strategy to help enhance the companies’ brand awareness, which has been an amazing opportunity to utilise my creativity in a way that is different to my academic studies.

Writing for a specific target audience has been a huge learning curve for me. I’ve understood the power of communication; developing my writing skills and thinking creatively on the spot to create interesting and engaging content for a specific target audience. In doing so, it has allowed me to communicate my message in an effective way, whilst ensuring that the company’s ethos and brand identity were apparent in my work. Ever since school I’ve been immersed in an academic atmosphere, where I’ve been programmed to think and write in an academic way. However, at Mango, I’ve been encouraged to develop my skills through a much more personal and informal style of writing, which has given me the confidence to write in this way.

Most importantly, however, I’ve learned first-hand about how films and music videos are produced from the outset through to completion, giving me insight into the world of media production. I’ve worked alongside the editor helping with research for various film/documentary projects, organised future productions, and ensured that content has been regular and up-to-date. All in all, my time here at Mango has been a wonderful experience as I feel like I have truly become a member of the team.