Here at Mango we are continually aware of our day-to-day actions and how they can affect our planet. That is why we are proud to provide video production for our new client Peerledger, who has developed a new block chain platform for responsible sourcing of food or precious minerals, whose aim is also to help organisations uphold their social values.

The company itself focuses on the security, transparency and immutability of block chain technology with their specially designed software, which is intended to augment existing supply chain software, allowing for chain-of-custody tracing, unobtrusive auditing and higher customer confidence. Their new technology gives companies a powerful tool to help protect human rights, reduce safety risks and improve environmental performance in their supply chains.

One such supply chain where their technology is used, is within the gold and precious minerals industry, where mining takes place in a diverse number of locations. The industry itself is challenged to trace the metal from the source to the final user, however this new technology has a very powerful mechanism for keeping track of individual items and enabling full traceability of conflict minerals throughout the world. As a company they are committed to ensure that both its members and the ecosystem that it services is able to adhere to responsible sourcing, something that we are considerably aware of in the contemporary world.

Please see the video below we produced for the company.