Today, human attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and with the vast array of information that is widely available, it is increasingly difficult to capture peoples’ attention for extended periods of time.

It has been estimated that 75 million people in the US watch online videos every day, a staggering statistic that highlights what a powerful medium it is. Video marketing is undoubtedly an effective tool that helps deliver a message quickly, catching the viewers’ attention by obtaining an emotional response through a combination of visual, auditory and narrative mechanisms.

A recent study conducted by Hub Spot highlights how four of the six top channels that global consumers watch videos on are social channels. Most notably Facebook is catching up with YouTube as the number one video platform, emphasising the way that information and influence is distributed in a network society.



The Internet and most notably the recent rise of social media serves to highlight how videos are an intrinsic part of everyday life for consumers. They effectively penetrate every media platform and channel with ease, with a global outreach that can disseminate information in a matter of seconds. Even with the simple use of hashtags, they work to reel people in and spread your company’s ethos or product, all the while targeting a mass audience – it’s that easy.

It is without a doubt that video marketing can lead directly to sales. Studies highlight how 74% of users who watched a product video, subsequently bought it. Providing useful and interesting information to consumers will build foundations of trust between you and them, fostering a relationship that cannot be attained in any other way. Most notably, videos will encourage people to stay on your website for a longer period of time, thus signaling to search engines that your site is of interest and has good, relevant content. According to Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing, with 82% feeling that it is an important part of their strategy.

Here at Mango Studio, we have provided numerous video productions for institutions such as Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Whether we provide footage for annual conferences or for the promotion of specific courses available at the university, our work undoubtedly engages people from around the world. You can have a look at some of the video we have provided here, here and here.

Alongside this, we have worked on multiple projects with Bellway Homes to promote the various sites of their upcoming developments. Often they wish to highlight the local areas that their new developments are being built in, promoting the various amenities such as shops and restaurants, as well as local transport links. You can check out some of their videos here and here.

Today, the power of information in video format is increasingly significant as it has the ability to reach an international audience through the click of a button, and influence the world through a single message. If you are interested in us providing video footage for your company, then please don’t hesitate getting in contact with us.