There is no better way than to show elements of progression through time-lapse photography. This is because developments that would usually seem subtle and slow to the human eye such as the sun setting or a plant blossoming are instead sped up in real time, showing the progression of both time and space. In essence, what it does is capture single images in succession, and combines them to create a video showing the individual movements of the environment around you.

Time-lapse photography can be caught from anything over the course of a few minutes, hours or even years, documented and stored through the single use of a camera, which we can control from our office based here in Newcastle. In doing so, the place or subject caught in motion is transformed from something static into something that has more meaning, giving the impression of life, growth and advancement.

It could be that you are fascinated by the slow changes that occur over time in nature, urban life, or that of people. Here at Mango, alongside offering short and long time-lapse, we also offer creative and motion control time-lapse photography, creating a cinematography piece unique to you and your specification. Want to capture an impressive moment or a period of time for you to savour? Don’t hesitate to contact us and customise a plan suitable to you.

Below is a collection of our time-lapse photography that we have completed, please do take a look: