You’ve probably heard of 360-degree video…a virtual reality created through innovative filming techniques that allow the viewer to become immersed in a new landscape. This high resolution and seamless panoramic video gives the audience the opportunity to explore a video and choose where they want to look, purely by using the mouse on their computer or on their mobile phone. Without having to wear a headset normally required for virtual reality (VR), 360 degree filming gives people the freedom to choose their viewpoint through a simple hand gesture, enabling the user to dive into a new world and become part of the action.

Filmed by cameras specifically for 360 degree recording, this new technology is evolving at unprecedented rates and is certainly a wow-factor. Here at Mango we are now offering this revolutionary technology that is accessible to all users from the click of a button, diverting away from traditional methods of shooting and watching, to pioneering production and experiential videos.

Our team can now offer customised packages on 360-degree video production, including end-to-end production, stereoscopic (3D) expertise, motion graphics and pre-rendered CG elements, to create you your perfectly immersive virtual reality video.

Check out our latest video below: