Here at Mango we are increasingly aware of our carbon footprint and the ways in which our everyday actions affect the climate. For our latest video in our series with Nixon Hire, we are proud to promote the Autosmart H20 Solar Pod– Nixon Hire’s answer to mitigating environmental pollution.

Through the use of hybrid solar technology, and a super silent automatic back up generator, the self-sufficient solar pod provides sustainable power and water to remote construction locations.

The specially formulated Ecosmart and Autosmart system is revolutionary. The aim of the pod is to limit fuel consumption by utilising the suns energy to provide your site with enough power through its back up generator. The power supply from the solar panel battery bank ensures a hefty output of 30kw of energy, powering up to three offices at any one time, allowing the user to utilise the pod with ease through a simple flick of a switch.

Here you will find all your needs are met in one. Not only will you be reducing annual Co2 emissions of up to 103 tons, but this environmentally-friendly pod will save you up to £21,727 on annual running costs. What’s not to love?

Over the last century the burning of fossil fuels has risen exponentially, increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and notably affecting our climate. This extraordinary piece of equipment is set to take the construction hire industry by storm, and make a significant impact in reducing global carbon emissions.

We are pleased to have provided film production for Nixon Hire, whose environmentally efficient pod presents new opportunities in the face of global warming.