For our latest video production, we are providing time lapse filming for the Gateshead Innovation Village initiative. This project is part of Home Group, a social enterprise and charity whose core belief is that, “Everyone has a right to a home,” and who are using this project as a means to address the housing crisis. This starts with looking at, as Home Group propose, “How we can construct homes quicker, use technology smarter, and create more energy-efficient housing developments.”


Through the Gateshead Innovation Village, Home Group is working to test the traditional “bricks-and-mortar” method of construction against different ways of building modular housing developments, which can be built in a fraction of the time that it takes to build a house in the traditional way. The Innovation Village will consist of 35 of these modular houses, using five different house types, alongside six traditional bricks-and-mortar homes.


This is where we at Mango Studio come in – we will be using our signature time lapse production work to film the construction of a select few of these new houses, allowing Home Group to showcase the creation of this village from beginning to end.


Once this village is built all of the houses will be occupied, creating a brand new community who will be playing a vital role in Home Group’s research into construction methods and the use of smart tech in social housing, using technology in the home that is currently beyond the reach of the majority of society.


We are excited to be working on this brand new video production in the North East, and to be filming the Gateshead Innovation Village as it is built. Keep your eyes peeled for the final video.