Our series in video production for the Learning and Disability Network in the North East and Cumbria continues with this latest film, “Sharing the Knowledge.”


This video was produced to promote the network’s new programme, Sharing the Knowledge. Judith Thompson, the Network Manager and Assurance Lead of the Learning Disability Network in the region, describes this as, “A programme for family carers of people with a learning disability to empower them with information about leadership, and to enable them to be effective leaders in their own right.”


Judith goes on to highlight the importance of having this programme in place within the community and the impact that it has on people and families, saying that, “It was necessary to have the Sharing the Knowledge programme to ensure that people with a learning disability, family carers, and staff who work in services have equal opportunity to be effective leaders.”


This new initiative is still in its early stages, but Judith knows of one clear way that they will monitor its success. “If we can see much greater family engagement in helping us redesign and co-design services and support for people with a learning disability,” she says, “Then we will have achieved a lot.”


In the video we also interview Jillian Allan, who works at Skills for People as a Family Advice Worker and who discusses the benefits of partaking in the Sharing the Knowledge programme, with the advice the scheme offers on employment, housing and education.


We are proud to continue production in this series of videos, promoting the excellent work that the Learning and Disability Network is doing in the North East.


You can watch the video in full below.