Recently we have had the privilege of working on behalf of MMPro, an international film production company based in Berlin, Germany. MMPro specialises in the creation of tailor-made corporate videos, shot all over the world.


This partnership was formed to produce a video for Qiagen, a company providing solutions for molecular testing. Qiagen serves more than 500,000 customers around the world with 500 core products, designed to extract, purify, and stabilise DNA, RNA and protein from biological samples.


As Qiagen outlay on their website, “Doctors look to our solutions to diagnose diseases and gain precise insights for better treatment decisions. Researchers rely on our cutting-edge expertise to conquer scientific frontiers and translate genomic insights into new medi­cines. Forensic investigators, veterinarians and food safety labs depend on our applied technologies.”


Last week we headed to the Institute of Cellular Medicine at Newcastle University, where we interviewed Marie Curie Research Fellow Dr. Christopher Stewart about the many ways in which Qiagen has helped him in his research into neonatal and childhood development.


It was an exciting opportunity for us to work alongside not one, but two global companies on this video production – and we are proud that part of its roots are now right here in the North East.


Watch this space to see the final video uploaded soon.