Our latest video, “Learning Disability Leaders Development”, continues the series of videos we have produced showcasing the ongoing improvements to social care within the North East.


This video focuses on the the Learning Disability Leaders Development course at Teesside University, and was produced to promote the fantastic changes it is making within services in the region.


This course is aimed at those in senior positions within commissioning roles within the NHS and social care services across the North East, in order to make the necessary changes to services being delivered to people with learning disabilities. Jill Kay, programme leader of this postgraduate certificate course, outlines that, “The focus of the programme is to support those individuals to develop the leadership skills necessary to lead that transformational change.”


Judith Thompson, the network manager for the North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network, has highlighted that the desired outcome of this course is to see effective creative commissioning and provision of services for those with a learning disability across the North East and Cumbria. Through this programme an online community has also been created, which acts as an instant support network between advocates across the sector.


David Blacklock, Chief Executive Officer at People First and participant of the Learning Disability Leaders Development course, has praised the course’s valuable teaching: “It has taught me theories of people leadership, how to get people to work better together, how to network with one another, and understand each other’s skills and abilities.”


We are proud to have provided video production to promote this amazing cause.


You can learn more about what the Learning Disability Leaders Development course has achieved by watching the video below.