This week we had the pleasure of working locally in Newcastle, as we provided coverage for a youth assembly led by the British Sociological Association. The assembly gathered over 150 teens with interests in social sciences from six schools across the North-East, and brought them to the Hancock Museum to debate a variety of topics including crime and inequality.

The assembly was a great opportunity for everybody involved – including us. We were inspired by the voices we heard from students as young as 14, and were amazed at how confidently they took charge of the dialogue. The students were able to relate their own experiences to a range of issues in a wider society, and were articulate in whatever subject was being debated.

Our film production was primarily focused on displaying the depth and intelligence of discourse at the Youth Assembly. Professors from local universities attended to give talks on issues like sexual harassment, and growing up in areas that had lost industrial purpose such as the nearby Teesside. The students, who were all from the North-East, proved knowledgeable on these topics and more.

Speaking about the event was Stephanie Rich, Public Engagement Officer for the BSA, who said that“The Youth Assembly wasn’t about academics teaching students – the students needed no prompting to talk about how their own experiences were linked to wider issues in society”. We feel that this is more than adequately represented in our film, and the highlights we’ve included show just how much budding talent will be leading the field of sociology in the future.

We’re delighted to bring footage of the event out to a wider audience, and we hope that you’ll be just as inspired as us after watching the video.