Video production for the NHS has continued into 2018, and we’re delighted to show you the incredible work that’s being done to evolve social care services in Newcastle and beyond.

‘Learning Disability Leaders Development’ is our first video of the year, and it takes a look at how local services are trying to change what is offered to those with learning disabilities. The course is aimed at those who hold senior positions in commissioning and care provision, and looks at developing their leadership skills in order to create change and improve social care across the North-East and Cumbria.

Judith Thompson outlines that this involves finding individuals to lead these changes: people who can “motivate, inspire and enthuse” those around them. As we’ve discovered while filming, there are no shortage of candidates in our community. The interviews we’ve been conducting display an environment of social care that is being lead by those most passionate and experienced in the area.

We also spoke with David Blacklock, the CEO of People First, about the project that he took away from the leadership course. Leaders were encouraged to take up a project that would improve local services, so David decided to create an online community hub for other social care advocates in the area. He feels that such a site would greatly help those in this field, and he’s currently trying to promote its benefits to the people who would appreciate them best – including many of those we’ve already worked with.
Being able to provide video production for such an important cause has created a string of interesting videos that we hope you’ve enjoyed so far, and we hope that you’ll stay with us over the next few months as we continue filming these pieces across 2018.