We recently headed down south to work alongside Bellway Homes – this time to promote the town of Borehamwood. When new developments are being built, Bellway Homes often want to show off the towns they’re being built in, and we’re brought in to help do that.

Travelling to Borehamwood, we quickly found that there was no shortage of material to film. Despite being so close to central London, the town is idyllic and far removed from the urban bustle of the capital.¬†We felt that this was a major selling point of the town, so a lot of the shots we¬†included were of local parks and the surrounding countryside. On the other hand, we didn’t want to go overboard and present Borehamwood as isolated and rural, so we made sure to capture footage of the various transport infrastructure that connected the town to the heart of London.

Beyond this, effort was made to provide personal accounts of the area. As we’re from Newcastle we had no idea what living in Borehamwood was like, so we enlisted the help of some local residents and business owners to give the viewers some perspective. The footage we took away from the talks emphasized the variety of options for recreation in the town, and we felt the input gathered would definitely help anybody thinking of moving to the area.

Outside of locals talking to the camera, we wanted to add detail and context to the footage. To do so, it was combined with a voiceover that pointed out the finer details of Borehamwood. This included information on local schools and retail that paired well with the accompanying footage we had.

With all of these factors brought together, the result is a short video that we hope has represented Borehamwood in its best light. If you’d like to see the town for yourself, you can watch the video below and tell us what you think!