A couple of months ago, we once again worked with Bellway homes for another corporate video. This time we were exploring Bracknell, a town in Berkshire.

Travelling from Newcastle, we knew that we wanted our video production to capture as much of the area as possible. This meant choosing an adventurous, active theme to follow through the town – so we chose to film around a young couple running and biking across the borough.

With a lot to cover, we had to decide on what sort of footage we wanted. To this end we made sure to pick out shots that we thought conveyed what life was like in Bracknell. Utilizing the couple, we were able to take footage including local murals and public transport stops, and by using a steady cam we were able to track the biker from smaller urban streets to the woods surrounding the area. Filming the model on the mountain bike resulted in a far more exciting video, as shots that may otherwise have been mundane became fast paced and adventurous.

In combination with the woman running through the town, using a character riding a bike – often off road – really helped to cram as much of Bracknell into the video as possible, and having them moving around quickly meant that we could use a much wider variety of shorter shots around the town.

The result is a video that we think captures a part of what Bracknell has to offer, and if you’d like to join us in exploring, click the video below to watch the short film.