This month we worked to provide video production for Catapult’s ‘HVM roadshow’ here in the North East.

The UK manufacturing company came to us in September to film their corporate event in Darlington, where they were hosting a gathering between seven of their HVM (High Value Manufacturers) centres to showcase the bright future of the industry – whether it be with work in their own manufacturers fields or even nuclear research.

When we filmed the event, we worked closely with our client to capture some of the work various Catapult centres do in regards to high value manufacturing in the UK. For Catapult, this involves setting up in areas of the UK that they feel could be worth millions in a global industry.

To do this we travelled from Newcastle to film the event, focusing on taking natural shots of those at the roadshow – friendly, animated professionals discussing their work and sharing their expertise.

We also worked with the client to provide a voiceover for the film, recording an employee of Catapult that was able to provide context and information regarding the event.

He’s our final result, and we’d love to hear what you think!