Project Description

Esh: Time Lapse

A 12 Month time lapse of an office building in stockton. To do this we used a fixed position camera nested on the top of a cabin for the duration of the build. The camera was installed in weatherproof housing and was connected to a laptop running specialised software to control the camera settings. We controlled this remotely so we change change all camera settings or interval time of images when needed.

We backed up the files up wirelessly through our FTP server to ensure no loss of images. We created an image sequence from the still images so it plays in video form. With shooting over such a long duration the difference in light created by the weather over days and seasons can differ dramatically and cause flicker. In order to reduce the flicker as best as possible we processed the images through Time Lapse software to even out all the exposure values to a constant curve to produce a more aesthetically pleasing video.