Filming ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’ with the NHS

November is shaping up to be an interesting month, as we've been working closely with the NHS and Inclusion North to film a documentary on their leadership program in the North-East. We were brought in to provide video production for a leadership training course to those in the area with learning disabilities, and after attending [...]

Film production: shooting with drones at First Grange School!

Here in Newcastle, our video production isn't just reserved for companies. Last month we had the pleasure of filming on behalf of Newcastle Council, to show off the new building they've added to Grange First School. The council has recently finished construction on a whole new wing for its pupils, and we were chosen [...]

Video production for the ‘catapults’ of the UK

This month we worked to provide video production for Catapult's 'HVM roadshow' here in the North East. The UK manufacturing company came to us in September to film their corporate event in Darlington, where they were hosting a gathering between seven of their HVM (High Value Manufacturers) centres to showcase the bright future of [...]