Here at Mango Studio we’re incredibly proud to announce the completion of our promotional video on Learning Disabilities Nursing.

We’ve worked hard to create a video production that is informative, persuasive and engaging.

The film, that was commissioned by Judith Thompson the North Easts and Cumbria’s Learning Disability Network Manager aims to encourage students to consider the role of a Learning Disabilities (LD) Nurse.

There are many routes that an LD Nurse can pursue.

This film production demonstrates this effectively by introducing a diverse range of NHS staff that have chosen a variety of different roles within the subdivision of LD Nursing.



The audience learns that an LD Nurse isn’t simply restricted to working in a hospital. There’s opportunity for them to transfer their skills to the prison service, maternity and sexual health services to name just a few.

The roles expand further than simply pastoral care within a medical environment and prospects include providing educational support to not only those with learning disabilities, but those working with them.

LD Nurses makes a huge difference to those with learning disabilities and their families. This support also expands to informing professionals and work places about the rights of those with learning disabilities.


Watch the promotional film here:

From Mango Studio on Vimeo.