In 2013, our Newcastle film studio worked with the NHS and Skills for People to create a corporate video which would show off their new programme, known as ‘Mindfulness’. The programme is delivered in group sessions, and aims to assist those with learning difficulties.

Mango attended a typical session at the Skills for People centre near Newcastle City Centre, and filmed activities, discussions and interviews with participants and course leaders. This video production created the basis for a corporate video that would be used by the client to advertise the programme, with the hope of accessing more funding.

Two years later, Mango Studio were once more invited by the NHS to work on a video production for their Mindfulness programme. However, this time the film production will be in the form of a documentary.

The documentary followed an 12 week Mindfulness course assisting those who have special needs, with the aim of the video production being to demonstrate just how useful this programme is to those involved and how helpful it could be in the future to potential participants.

Our film production is to be used on the NHS website to promote the course, and we hope that the visuals of a video production will be a great tool to help raise awareness of this great cause. We also wish the best success for those involved with the programme.

You can watch a shorten version of the film below or you can watch the video in full here