Upgrade and Updates

When Apple released it's new system update (iOS 7), iPhone/iPad users went bezerk. But 1 week away from the Update, we see issues of people feeling disorientated by the new design and missing the old design and style that iOS 6 offered them. These issues a large part of the Video Production Industry. Every member [...]

Teamwork and Workplace

It's been recently exposed that Valve Gaming Company has a "flat surface" leadership style. This means that no-one reports to anyone and there's not triangle of leadership within the office. The office space is also relaxed swell as desks were bought to be mobile so that if an employee is unhappy with their placement in the office then they [...]


As a company that works on Video Production in the Creative Media Industry who specialise in corporate films, it is very hard to get into contact with clients. There are many companies in Newcastle that specialise within the same industry who clients may go for first because they are gifted with tremendous SEO technique. Networking [...]

Internet Traffic

By 2014, 90% of Internet traffic is expected to be video but getting people to sit through your videos can be challenging. Considering 33% of viewers move on after watching just 30 seconds, 44% lose interest and leave at the 1-minute mark and 60% bail on your video after two minutes; it is crucial to [...]

The Ship Delivery

Our film production crew had an interesting week filming a new corporate video for one of our existing clients. They wanted us to capture the arrival of a 300 tonnes machine by ship all the way from Japan. Filming on a boat was another great experience for our video production team from Newcastle. We can [...]

Be Everywhere

Online social and sharing platform continue to grow so there’s no excuse for not giving your corporate video the most attention and exposure you can. We, our film production crew in Newcastle, think that these are the top 7 places to share your video to find your potential audience. Here’s our Top 10 places to [...]